Empower farmers to grow financially.

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Provide farming advisory content.

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Enable management & networking of farmers.

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AgriGO assists farmer to improve the current yield, by availing the right, modern and personalized best practices.

Make Smart Decisions

AgriGO helps farmers make smart decisions and plant marketable products by providing them with quality data.

Connect to Markets

Farmers are able to connect with buyers. Better yet, buyers can reach farmers directly.

Management Made Easy

Track your expenses and spendings easily. Know your debt and lenders in one click.


What a farmer can do with AgriGo

  1. Maximise harvest.
  2. Optimize farming activities.
  3. Negotiate the good price.

USSD (*950#)

1. Register

First user dials *950# for registration, the user complete the profile with names, personal identification number, crop and contacts.

2. Recording

Farmers record their daily activities along with cost.

3. Best practices

AgriGo provides the best practices information to enable the maximization of farmers income.

4. Market information

AgriGo connects sellers and buyers of agriculture products to expand farmers market.

5. Weather information

AgriGo broadcasts weather information from meteo stations to enable farmers to plan for upcoming season.

6. Customized SMS

AgriGo provides reminders, upcoming farming activities, announcements and advisory content through customised SMS.


  1. Easy to manage farmers of an association.
  2. Able to send bulk SMS to farmers
  3. Track distributions to farmers and buy crops from farmers easily
  4. Associations prepare their own crop calendar to be used freely by their members.



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