1. What is AgriGO?

AgriGO is revolutionary product that aims to integrate ICT in Agriculture to empower farmers financially. It is a product of GO Ltd, Rwanda with a vision of support farmers across Africa.

2. Who is it for?

The primary target of AgriGO is small scale farmers. However, it also have a huge set of features for farming corporative and associations as well as buyers of agro-products.

3. How do I sign up?

Please visit our website www.agrigo.rw and click on Join button and fill the registration page.

4. I am a farmer with no internet. How do I sign up?

Simply dial *950# on your phone and follow the instructions as they appear. Registration on phone can take anytime between 3 to 5 minutes. An email will be auto-created for you.

5. I was asked for identification. What it is for?

During registration, you will be asked to enter your national ID. In line with our Terms of Agreement and Privacy policy, your national ID is kept private and never shared with any other entity under any circumstances. It is needed to uniquely identify user and plots they own in the system.

7. What can a farmer do in the application?

There are tons of tasks a farmer can do in the application. The following are the top features oriented towards a farmer: Get advice: before you plant anything, the system can tell you what amount to plant so you don't have to buy unnecessary seedlings. Moreover, you can request on advise on compatibility of the plant you have in mind and your region in terms of temperature, soil PH level and rain fall. AgriGO has a complete list of pests for crops so the minute you see pests in your field, it will tell you what measures to take. Remember, AgriGO is all about giving you factual advises so you can make smart decisions.

Reminders: once you plant a crop, AgriGO will send you activities you should carry out. The information will come either from your association or from AgriGO itself if you don't belong to any association. The information includes tasks such as : water your plant, apply pesticide and so forth.

Record Activity: Each activity you carry out is your expense and contributes to the quality of products you produce. Hence, it is vital that you record each activity you carry out on your field. That way, AgriGO is your very own personal notebook that you can access anywhere, anytime.

Track your Financial Expenses: your success is going to be measured by how much you spent and how much you gained at last. AgriGO makes it easy for you to track your financial expenses and calculate your cost of production through its built-in wallet application. The wallet is quite flexible yet powerful tool. If you are part of an association, the association can add items to it such as when it gives you a fertilizer or seedlings so you don't have to worry about registering it yourself. However, you have the power to confirm or not that very transaction. After all, it is your wallet, not the wallet of the association. You can add your expenses yourself as well and you can know which items you purchased or rented.

Cost of Production: AgriGO lets you calculate your cost of production the easy way. All you have to do is request cost of production for the particular planatation or field. It does it based on the input you give it for each activity. If you hire manpower on your field, save their salary in the system and the same applies for other activities. AgriGO is smart enough to match expenses with each kind of activity and give you a full summary of your cost of production so you can learn where you spent the most.

8. Can I get all this features on USSD?

Yes, all the features are available via USSD.

9. What about Associations? What do we benefit from it?

Manage Members: you can easily manage your members using the built-in dashboard. Through the dash board, you can register new members and even plots they own. Moreover, you can confirm requests by farmers to join your association easily.

Set Requirements for Farmers: you can decide who can be member of your association. For e.g. if your association is all about maize, there is no reason why a farmer planting rice can send a request to your association. All you have to do is define the requirements farmers must satisfy to be members of your association such as gender, age group, crop type and quantity. That way, only farmers who are satisfying your requirements will apply to be members but you still have the power to reject or accept their application.

Distribute Materials: You can distribute materials to your members easily through the system. Farmers will get notification instantly.

Messaging: you can send messages to your members instantly that will reach them through SMS, email and internal messaging application. Manage Groups: you can create as many groups as you want and assign representative and members to each group based on crop. Calendar Days: AgriGO is all about advising farmers what to do so they make smart decisions backed by your expertise. As such, you can define calendar days for crops your members plant. Your members will get the calendar days via SMS accordingly free of charge. Orders: You can order agro products from all farmers at the click of a button and easily manage bids submitted by farmers in response to your requests.

10. Can I access all this VIA USSD Application?

No, associations/corporations must use our web based dashboard.

11. How can farmers find my association?

In the web application, your association is listed along other associations. Furthermore, it can be searched using its name or SMS code.

12. Wait, what is SMS Code of an Association?

Every association has a unique four digit code assigned to it during registration. It is generated by the system and cannot be changed. The good thing is it is easy to remember and tell to others. Farmers can request to join your associations via USSD application using the SMS code as well. So, next time you print brochure to your members, make sure you add your SMS Code.

13. How about Reports?

Currently, AgriGO provides you with four kinds of reports: Crops: quantified report about crops your members are growing currently or in a specific period of time. Distribution: quantity and cost oriented reports about your financial and material interaction with farmers, both in detailed and quantified styles.

Members: listed and quantified reports on your members. Registration: listed and quantified reports on registrations coming to your association so you can track its popularity.

May we add that you have plenty of options to limit and filter the data shown in the reports? Yes, you want members aged 20-25 who are Females? You want to how much you spent on fertilizers for the month of July, 2017? Or you want to know financial interaction with your specific member? All this filters are built in so you get the very data that matters.

14. Is there a smart-phone application?

Not yet but it will come and you will be notified of it as soon as it is available.